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class ContainerBuilder

Drupal's dependency injection container builder.

@todo Submit upstream patches to Symfony to not require these overrides.


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core/lib/Drupal/Core/DependencyInjection/ContainerBuilder.php, line 23




Name Modifiers Type Description
Container::$aliases protected property
Container::$loading protected property
Container::$methodMap protected property
Container::$parameterBag protected property
Container::$scopeChildren protected property
Container::$scopedServices protected property
Container::$scopes protected property
Container::$scopeStacks protected property
Container::$services protected property
Container::$underscoreMap private property
Container::addScope Deprecated public function Adds a scope to the container.
Container::camelize public static function Camelizes a string.
Container::enterScope Deprecated public function This is called when you enter a scope.
Container::getParameter public function Gets a parameter.
Container::getParameterBag public function Gets the service container parameter bag.
Container::hasParameter public function Checks if a parameter exists.
Container::hasScope Deprecated public function Returns whether this container has a certain scope.
Container::initialized public function Returns true if the given service has actually been initialized. Overrides IntrospectableContainerInterface::initialized
Container::isFrozen public function Returns true if the container parameter bag are frozen.
Container::isScopeActive Deprecated public function Returns whether this scope is currently active.
Container::leaveScope Deprecated public function This is called to leave the current scope, and move back to the parent scope.
Container::reset public function
Container::underscore public static function A string to underscore.
Container::__clone private function
ContainerBuilder::$aliasDefinitions private property
ContainerBuilder::$compiler private property
ContainerBuilder::$definitions private property
ContainerBuilder::$expressionLanguage private property
ContainerBuilder::$expressionLanguageProviders private property
ContainerBuilder::$extensionConfigs private property
ContainerBuilder::$extensions private property
ContainerBuilder::$extensionsByNs private property
ContainerBuilder::$obsoleteDefinitions private property
ContainerBuilder::$proxyInstantiator private property Overrides ContainerBuilder::$proxyInstantiator
ContainerBuilder::$resources private property
ContainerBuilder::$trackResources private property
ContainerBuilder::$usedTags private property
ContainerBuilder::addAliases public function Adds the service aliases.
ContainerBuilder::addClassResource public function Adds the given class hierarchy as resources.
ContainerBuilder::addCompilerPass public function Adds a compiler pass.
ContainerBuilder::addDefinitions public function Adds the service definitions.
ContainerBuilder::addExpressionLanguageProvider public function
ContainerBuilder::addObjectResource public function Adds the object class hierarchy as resources.
ContainerBuilder::addResource public function Adds a resource for this configuration.
ContainerBuilder::callMethod protected function A 1to1 copy of parent::callMethod. Overrides ContainerBuilder::callMethod
ContainerBuilder::compile public function Compiles the container. Overrides Container::compile
ContainerBuilder::createService public function Creates a service for a service definition. Overrides ContainerBuilder::createService
ContainerBuilder::findDefinition public function Gets a service definition by id or alias.
ContainerBuilder::findTaggedServiceIds public function Returns service ids for a given tag.
ContainerBuilder::findTags public function Returns all tags the defined services use.
ContainerBuilder::findUnusedTags public function Returns all tags not queried by findTaggedServiceIds.
ContainerBuilder::get public function Gets a service. Overrides Container::get
ContainerBuilder::getAlias public function Gets an alias.
ContainerBuilder::getAliases public function Gets all defined aliases.
ContainerBuilder::getCompiler public function Returns the compiler.
ContainerBuilder::getCompilerPassConfig public function Returns the compiler pass config which can then be modified.
ContainerBuilder::getDefinition public function Gets a service definition.
ContainerBuilder::getDefinitions public function Gets all service definitions.
ContainerBuilder::getExpressionLanguage private function
ContainerBuilder::getExpressionLanguageProviders public function
ContainerBuilder::getExtension public function Returns an extension by alias or namespace.
ContainerBuilder::getExtensionConfig public function Returns the configuration array for the given extension.
ContainerBuilder::getExtensions public function Returns all registered extensions.
ContainerBuilder::getProxyInstantiator private function Retrieves the currently set proxy instantiator or instantiates one. Overrides ContainerBuilder::getProxyInstantiator
ContainerBuilder::getResources public function Returns an array of resources loaded to build this configuration.
ContainerBuilder::getScopeChildren Deprecated public function Returns all Scope children.
ContainerBuilder::getScopes Deprecated public function Returns all Scopes.
ContainerBuilder::getServiceConditionals public static function Returns the Service Conditionals.
ContainerBuilder::getServiceIds public function Gets all service ids. Overrides Container::getServiceIds
ContainerBuilder::has public function Returns true if the given service is defined. Overrides Container::has
ContainerBuilder::hasAlias public function Returns true if an alias exists under the given identifier.
ContainerBuilder::hasDefinition public function Returns true if a service definition exists under the given identifier.
ContainerBuilder::hasExtension public function Checks if we have an extension.
ContainerBuilder::isTrackingResources public function Checks if resources are tracked.
ContainerBuilder::loadFromExtension public function Loads the configuration for an extension.
ContainerBuilder::merge public function Merges a ContainerBuilder with the current ContainerBuilder configuration.
ContainerBuilder::prependExtensionConfig public function Prepends a config array to the configs of the given extension.
ContainerBuilder::register public function Registers a service definition. Overrides ContainerBuilder::register
ContainerBuilder::registerExtension public function Registers an extension.
ContainerBuilder::removeAlias public function Removes an alias.
ContainerBuilder::removeDefinition public function Removes a service definition.
ContainerBuilder::resolveServices public function Replaces service references by the real service instance and evaluates expressions.
ContainerBuilder::set public function Overrides Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\ContainerBuilder::set(). Overrides ContainerBuilder::set
ContainerBuilder::setAlias public function Sets an alias for an existing service.
ContainerBuilder::setAliases public function Sets the service aliases.
ContainerBuilder::setDefinition public function Sets a service definition.
ContainerBuilder::setDefinitions public function Sets the service definitions.
ContainerBuilder::setParameter public function Sets a parameter. Overrides Container::setParameter
ContainerBuilder::setProxyInstantiator public function Sets the instantiator to be used when fetching proxies.
ContainerBuilder::setResources public function Sets the resources for this configuration.
ContainerBuilder::setResourceTracking public function Sets the track resources flag.
ContainerBuilder::shareService protected function Direct copy of the parent function. Overrides ContainerBuilder::shareService
ContainerBuilder::synchronize Deprecated private function Synchronizes a service change.
ContainerBuilder::__construct public function Constructor. Overrides Container::__construct
ContainerBuilder::__sleep public function

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