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interface EntityInterface

Defines a common interface for all entity objects.


Related topics

Entity API
Describes how to define and manipulate content and configuration entities.


core/lib/Drupal/Core/Entity/EntityInterface.php, line 14




Name Modifiers Type Description
AccessibleInterface::access public function Checks data value access. Overrides AccessibleInterface::access
CacheableDependencyInterface::getCacheContexts public function The cache contexts associated with this object. Overrides CacheableDependencyInterface::getCacheContexts
CacheableDependencyInterface::getCacheMaxAge public function The maximum age for which this object may be cached. Overrides CacheableDependencyInterface::getCacheMaxAge
CacheableDependencyInterface::getCacheTags public function The cache tags associated with this object. Overrides CacheableDependencyInterface::getCacheTags
EntityInterface::bundle public function Gets the bundle of the entity. Overrides EntityInterface::bundle
EntityInterface::create public static function Constructs a new entity object, without permanently saving it. Overrides EntityInterface::create
EntityInterface::createDuplicate public function Creates a duplicate of the entity. Overrides EntityInterface::createDuplicate
EntityInterface::delete public function Deletes an entity permanently. Overrides EntityInterface::delete
EntityInterface::enforceIsNew public function Enforces an entity to be new. Overrides EntityInterface::enforceIsNew
EntityInterface::getCacheTagsToInvalidate public function Returns the cache tags that should be used to invalidate caches. Overrides EntityInterface::getCacheTagsToInvalidate
EntityInterface::getConfigDependencyKey public function Gets the key that is used to store configuration dependencies. Overrides EntityInterface::getConfigDependencyKey
EntityInterface::getConfigDependencyName public function Gets the configuration dependency name. Overrides EntityInterface::getConfigDependencyName
EntityInterface::getConfigTarget public function Gets the configuration target identifier for the entity. Overrides EntityInterface::getConfigTarget
EntityInterface::getEntityType public function Gets the entity type definition. Overrides EntityInterface::getEntityType
EntityInterface::getEntityTypeId public function Gets the ID of the type of the entity. Overrides EntityInterface::getEntityTypeId
EntityInterface::getOriginalId public function Gets the original ID. Overrides EntityInterface::getOriginalId
EntityInterface::getTypedData public function Gets a typed data object for this entity object. Overrides EntityInterface::getTypedData
EntityInterface::hasLinkTemplate public function Indicates if a link template exists for a given key. Overrides EntityInterface::hasLinkTemplate
EntityInterface::id public function Gets the identifier. Overrides EntityInterface::id
EntityInterface::isNew public function Determines whether the entity is new. Overrides EntityInterface::isNew
EntityInterface::label public function Gets the label of the entity. Overrides EntityInterface::label
EntityInterface::language public function Gets the language of the entity. Overrides EntityInterface::language
EntityInterface::link Deprecated public function Deprecated way of generating a link to the entity. See toLink(). Overrides EntityInterface::link
EntityInterface::load public static function Loads an entity. Overrides EntityInterface::load
EntityInterface::loadMultiple public static function Loads one or more entities. Overrides EntityInterface::loadMultiple
EntityInterface::postCreate public function Acts on a created entity before hooks are invoked. Overrides EntityInterface::postCreate
EntityInterface::postDelete public static function Acts on deleted entities before the delete hook is invoked. Overrides EntityInterface::postDelete
EntityInterface::postLoad public static function Acts on loaded entities. Overrides EntityInterface::postLoad
EntityInterface::postSave public function Acts on a saved entity before the insert or update hook is invoked. Overrides EntityInterface::postSave
EntityInterface::preCreate public static function Changes the values of an entity before it is created. Overrides EntityInterface::preCreate
EntityInterface::preDelete public static function Acts on entities before they are deleted and before hooks are invoked. Overrides EntityInterface::preDelete
EntityInterface::preSave public function Acts on an entity before the presave hook is invoked. Overrides EntityInterface::preSave
EntityInterface::referencedEntities public function Gets a list of entities referenced by this entity. Overrides EntityInterface::referencedEntities
EntityInterface::save public function Saves an entity permanently. Overrides EntityInterface::save
EntityInterface::setOriginalId public function Sets the original ID. Overrides EntityInterface::setOriginalId
EntityInterface::toArray public function Gets an array of all property values. Overrides EntityInterface::toArray
EntityInterface::toLink public function Generates the HTML for a link to this entity. Overrides EntityInterface::toLink
EntityInterface::toUrl public function Gets the URL object for the entity. Overrides EntityInterface::toUrl
EntityInterface::uriRelationships public function Gets a list of URI relationships supported by this entity. Overrides EntityInterface::uriRelationships
EntityInterface::url Deprecated public function Gets the public URL for this entity. Overrides EntityInterface::url
EntityInterface::urlInfo Deprecated public function Gets the URL object for the entity. Overrides EntityInterface::urlInfo
EntityInterface::uuid public function Gets the entity UUID (Universally Unique Identifier). Overrides EntityInterface::uuid
RefinableCacheableDependencyInterface::addCacheableDependency public function Adds a dependency on an object: merges its cacheability metadata. Overrides RefinableCacheableDependencyInterface::addCacheableDependency
RefinableCacheableDependencyInterface::addCacheContexts public function Adds cache contexts. Overrides RefinableCacheableDependencyInterface::addCacheContexts
RefinableCacheableDependencyInterface::addCacheTags public function Adds cache tags. Overrides RefinableCacheableDependencyInterface::addCacheTags
RefinableCacheableDependencyInterface::mergeCacheMaxAge public function Merges the maximum age (in seconds) with the existing maximum age. Overrides RefinableCacheableDependencyInterface::mergeCacheMaxAge

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