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abstract class EntityStorageBase

A base entity storage class.



core/lib/Drupal/Core/Entity/EntityStorageBase.php, line 10




Name Modifiers Type Description
DependencySerializationTrait::$_serviceIds protected property An array of service IDs keyed by property name used for serialization.
DependencySerializationTrait::__sleep public function
DependencySerializationTrait::__wakeup public function
EntityHandlerBase::$moduleHandler protected property The module handler to invoke hooks on.
EntityHandlerBase::moduleHandler protected function Gets the module handler.
EntityHandlerBase::setModuleHandler public function Sets the module handler for this handler.
EntityHandlerInterface::createInstance public static function Instantiates a new instance of this entity handler.
EntityStorageBase::$entities protected property Static cache of entities, keyed by entity ID.
EntityStorageBase::$entityClass protected property Name of the entity class.
EntityStorageBase::$entityType protected property Information about the entity type.
EntityStorageBase::$entityTypeId protected property Entity type ID for this storage.
EntityStorageBase::$idKey protected property Name of the entity's ID field in the entity database table.
EntityStorageBase::$langcodeKey protected property The name of the entity langcode property.
EntityStorageBase::$uuidKey protected property Name of entity's UUID database table field, if it supports UUIDs.
EntityStorageBase::$uuidService protected property The UUID service.
EntityStorageBase::buildPropertyQuery protected function Builds an entity query.
EntityStorageBase::create public function Constructs a new entity object, without permanently saving it. Overrides EntityStorageInterface::create
EntityStorageBase::delete public function Deletes permanently saved entities. Overrides EntityStorageInterface::delete
EntityStorageBase::doCreate protected function Performs storage-specific creation of entities.
EntityStorageBase::doDelete abstract protected function Performs storage-specific entity deletion.
EntityStorageBase::doLoadMultiple abstract protected function Performs storage-specific loading of entities.
EntityStorageBase::doPostSave protected function Performs post save entity processing.
EntityStorageBase::doPreSave protected function Performs presave entity processing.
EntityStorageBase::doSave abstract protected function Performs storage-specific saving of the entity.
EntityStorageBase::getAggregateQuery public function Gets an aggregated query instance. Overrides EntityStorageInterface::getAggregateQuery
EntityStorageBase::getEntityType public function Gets the entity type definition. Overrides EntityStorageInterface::getEntityType
EntityStorageBase::getEntityTypeId public function Gets the entity type ID. Overrides EntityStorageInterface::getEntityTypeId
EntityStorageBase::getFromStaticCache protected function Gets entities from the static cache.
EntityStorageBase::getQuery public function Gets an entity query instance. Overrides EntityStorageInterface::getQuery
EntityStorageBase::getQueryServiceName abstract protected function Gets the name of the service for the query for this entity storage.
EntityStorageBase::has abstract protected function Determines if this entity already exists in storage.
EntityStorageBase::invokeHook protected function Invokes a hook on behalf of the entity.
EntityStorageBase::load public function Loads one entity. Overrides EntityStorageInterface::load
EntityStorageBase::loadByProperties public function Load entities by their property values. Overrides EntityStorageInterface::loadByProperties
EntityStorageBase::loadMultiple public function Loads one or more entities. Overrides EntityStorageInterface::loadMultiple
EntityStorageBase::loadUnchanged public function Loads an unchanged entity from the database. Overrides EntityStorageInterface::loadUnchanged
EntityStorageBase::mapFromStorageRecords protected function Maps from storage records to entity objects.
EntityStorageBase::postLoad protected function Attaches data to entities upon loading.
EntityStorageBase::resetCache public function Resets the internal, static entity cache. Overrides EntityStorageInterface::resetCache
EntityStorageBase::save public function Saves the entity permanently. Overrides EntityStorageInterface::save
EntityStorageBase::setStaticCache protected function Stores entities in the static entity cache.
EntityStorageBase::__construct public function Constructs an EntityStorageBase instance.
EntityStorageInterface::deleteRevision public function Delete a specific entity revision.
EntityStorageInterface::FIELD_LOAD_CURRENT constant Load the most recent version of an entity's field data. Overrides EntityStorageInterface::FIELD_LOAD_CURRENT
EntityStorageInterface::FIELD_LOAD_REVISION constant Load the version of an entity's field data specified in the entity. Overrides EntityStorageInterface::FIELD_LOAD_REVISION
EntityStorageInterface::loadRevision public function Load a specific entity revision.
StringTranslationTrait::$stringTranslation protected property The string translation service.
StringTranslationTrait::formatPlural protected function Formats a string containing a count of items.
StringTranslationTrait::getNumberOfPlurals protected function Returns the number of plurals supported by a given language.
StringTranslationTrait::getStringTranslation protected function Gets the string translation service.
StringTranslationTrait::setStringTranslation public function Sets the string translation service to use.
StringTranslationTrait::t protected function Translates a string to the current language or to a given language.

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