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interface ModuleHandlerInterface

Interface for classes that manage a set of enabled modules.

Classes implementing this interface work with a fixed list of modules and are responsible for loading module files and maintaining information about module dependencies and hook implementations.



core/lib/Drupal/Core/Extension/ModuleHandlerInterface.php, line 12




Name Modifiers Type Description
ModuleHandlerInterface::addModule public function Adds a module to the list of currently active modules.
ModuleHandlerInterface::addProfile public function Adds an installation profile to the list of currently active modules.
ModuleHandlerInterface::alter public function Passes alterable variables to specific hook_TYPE_alter() implementations.
ModuleHandlerInterface::buildModuleDependencies public function Determines which modules require and are required by each module.
ModuleHandlerInterface::getHookInfo public function Retrieves a list of hooks that are declared through hook_hook_info().
ModuleHandlerInterface::getImplementations public function Determines which modules are implementing a hook.
ModuleHandlerInterface::getModule public function Returns a module extension object from the currently active modules list.
ModuleHandlerInterface::getModuleDirectories public function Returns an array of directories for all enabled modules. Useful for tasks such as finding a file that exists in all module directories.
ModuleHandlerInterface::getModuleList public function Returns the list of currently active modules.
ModuleHandlerInterface::getName public function Gets the human readable name of a given module.
ModuleHandlerInterface::implementsHook public function Returns whether a given module implements a given hook.
ModuleHandlerInterface::invoke public function Invokes a hook in a particular module.
ModuleHandlerInterface::invokeAll public function Invokes a hook in all enabled modules that implement it.
ModuleHandlerInterface::isLoaded public function Returns whether all modules have been loaded.
ModuleHandlerInterface::load public function Includes a module's .module file.
ModuleHandlerInterface::loadAll public function Loads all enabled modules.
ModuleHandlerInterface::loadAllIncludes public function Loads an include file for each enabled module.
ModuleHandlerInterface::loadInclude public function Loads a module include file.
ModuleHandlerInterface::moduleExists public function Determines whether a given module is enabled.
ModuleHandlerInterface::reload public function Reloads all enabled modules.
ModuleHandlerInterface::resetImplementations public function Resets the cached list of hook implementations.
ModuleHandlerInterface::setModuleList public function Sets an explicit list of currently active modules.
ModuleHandlerInterface::writeCache public function Write the hook implementation info to the cache.

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