/Drupal 8

class ModuleInstaller

Default implementation of the module installer.

It registers the module in config, installs its own configuration, installs the schema, updates the Drupal kernel and more.



core/lib/Drupal/Core/Extension/ModuleInstaller.php, line 18




Name Modifiers Type Description
ModuleInstaller::$kernel protected property The drupal kernel.
ModuleInstaller::$moduleHandler protected property The module handler.
ModuleInstaller::$root protected property The app root.
ModuleInstaller::$uninstallValidators protected property The uninstall validators.
ModuleInstaller::addUninstallValidator public function Adds module a uninstall validator. Overrides ModuleInstallerInterface::addUninstallValidator
ModuleInstaller::install public function Installs a given list of modules. Overrides ModuleInstallerInterface::install
ModuleInstaller::removeCacheBins protected function Helper method for removing all cache bins registered by a given module.
ModuleInstaller::uninstall public function Uninstalls a given list of modules. Overrides ModuleInstallerInterface::uninstall
ModuleInstaller::updateKernel protected function Updates the kernel module list.
ModuleInstaller::validateUninstall public function Determines whether a list of modules can be uninstalled. Overrides ModuleInstallerInterface::validateUninstall
ModuleInstaller::__construct public function Constructs a new ModuleInstaller instance.

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