/Drupal 8

interface ConfirmFormInterface

Defines the behavior a confirmation form.



core/lib/Drupal/Core/Form/ConfirmFormInterface.php, line 8




Name Modifiers Type Description
ConfirmFormInterface::getCancelText public function Returns a caption for the link which cancels the action.
ConfirmFormInterface::getCancelUrl public function Returns the route to go to if the user cancels the action.
ConfirmFormInterface::getConfirmText public function Returns a caption for the button that confirms the action.
ConfirmFormInterface::getDescription public function Returns additional text to display as a description.
ConfirmFormInterface::getFormName public function Returns the internal name used to refer to the confirmation item.
ConfirmFormInterface::getQuestion public function Returns the question to ask the user.
FormInterface::buildForm public function Form constructor. Overrides FormInterface::buildForm
FormInterface::getFormId public function Returns a unique string identifying the form.
FormInterface::submitForm public function Form submission handler.
FormInterface::validateForm public function Form validation handler.

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