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abstract class LockBackendAbstract

Non backend related common methods implementation for lock backends.


Related topics

Locking mechanisms
Functions to coordinate long-running operations across requests.


core/lib/Drupal/Core/Lock/LockBackendAbstract.php, line 10




Name Modifiers Type Description
LockBackendAbstract::$lockId protected property Current page lock token identifier.
LockBackendAbstract::$locks protected property Existing locks for this page.
LockBackendAbstract::getLockId public function Gets the unique page token for locks. Overrides LockBackendInterface::getLockId
LockBackendAbstract::wait public function Waits a short amount of time before a second lock acquire attempt. Overrides LockBackendInterface::wait
LockBackendInterface::acquire public function Acquires a lock.
LockBackendInterface::lockMayBeAvailable public function Checks if a lock is available for acquiring.
LockBackendInterface::release public function Releases the given lock.
LockBackendInterface::releaseAll public function Releases all locks for the given lock token identifier.

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