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interface LocalTaskInterface

Defines an interface for menu local tasks.

Menu local tasks are typically rendered as navigation tabs above the content region, though other presentations are possible. It is convention that the titles of these tasks should be short verbs if possible.


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core/lib/Drupal/Core/Menu/LocalTaskInterface.php, line 16




Name Modifiers Type Description
LocalTaskInterface::getActive public function Gets the active status.
LocalTaskInterface::getOptions public function Returns options for rendering a link to the local task.
LocalTaskInterface::getRouteName public function Get the route name from the settings.
LocalTaskInterface::getRouteParameters public function Returns the route parameters needed to render a link for the local task.
LocalTaskInterface::getTitle public function Returns the localized title to be shown for this tab.
LocalTaskInterface::getWeight public function Returns the weight of the local task.
LocalTaskInterface::setActive public function Sets the active status.

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