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interface LocalTaskManagerInterface

Manages discovery and instantiation of menu local task plugins.

This manager finds plugins that are rendered as local tasks (usually tabs). Derivatives are supported for modules that wish to generate multiple tabs on behalf of something else.



core/lib/Drupal/Core/Menu/LocalTaskManagerInterface.php, line 15




Name Modifiers Type Description
DiscoveryInterface::getDefinition public function Gets a specific plugin definition.
DiscoveryInterface::getDefinitions public function Gets the definition of all plugins for this type.
DiscoveryInterface::hasDefinition public function Indicates if a specific plugin definition exists.
FactoryInterface::createInstance public function Creates a pre-configured instance of a plugin.
LocalTaskManagerInterface::getLocalTasks public function Collects the local tasks (tabs) for the current route.
LocalTaskManagerInterface::getLocalTasksForRoute public function Find all local tasks that appear on a named route.
LocalTaskManagerInterface::getTasksBuild public function Gets the render array for all local tasks.
LocalTaskManagerInterface::getTitle public function Gets the title for a local task.
MapperInterface::getInstance public function Gets a preconfigured instance of a plugin.

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