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interface RouteMatchInterface

Provides an interface for classes representing the result of routing.

Routing is the process of selecting the best matching candidate from a collection of routes for an incoming request. The relevant properties of a request include the path as well as a list of raw parameter values derived from the URL. If an appropriate route is found, raw parameter values will be upcast automatically if possible.

The route match object contains useful information about the selected route as well as the raw and upcast parameters derived from the incoming request.


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core/lib/Drupal/Core/Routing/RouteMatchInterface.php, line 20




Name Modifiers Type Description
RouteMatchInterface::getParameter public function Returns the processed value of a named route parameter.
RouteMatchInterface::getParameters public function Returns the bag of all processed route parameters.
RouteMatchInterface::getRawParameter public function Returns the raw value of a named route parameter.
RouteMatchInterface::getRawParameters public function Returns the bag of all raw route parameters.
RouteMatchInterface::getRouteName public function Returns the route name.
RouteMatchInterface::getRouteObject public function Returns the route object.

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