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final class Settings

Read only settings that are initialized with the class.


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core/lib/Drupal/Core/Site/Settings.php, line 13




Name Modifiers Type Description
Settings::$instance private static property Singleton instance.
Settings::$storage private property Array with the settings.
Settings::get public static function Returns a setting.
Settings::getAll public static function Returns all the settings. This is only used for testing purposes.
Settings::getApcuPrefix public static function Generates a prefix for APCu user cache keys.
Settings::getHashSalt public static function Gets a salt useful for hardening against SQL injection.
Settings::getInstance public static function Returns the settings instance.
Settings::initialize public static function Bootstraps settings.php and the Settings singleton.
Settings::__clone private function Protects creating with clone.
Settings::__construct public function Constructor.
Settings::__sleep public function Prevents settings from being serialized.

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