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interface DataDefinitionInterface

Interface for data definitions.

Data definitions are used to describe data based upon available data types. For example, a plugin could describe its parameters using data definitions in order to specify what kind of data is required for it.

Definitions that describe lists or complex data have to implement the respective interfaces, such that the metadata about contained list items or properties can be retrieved from the definition.


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Typed Data API
API for describing data based on a set of available data types.


core/lib/Drupal/Core/TypedData/DataDefinitionInterface.php, line 24




Name Modifiers Type Description
DataDefinitionInterface::addConstraint public function Adds a validation constraint.
DataDefinitionInterface::createFromDataType public static function Creates a new data definition object.
DataDefinitionInterface::getClass public function Returns the class used for creating the typed data object.
DataDefinitionInterface::getConstraint public function Returns a validation constraint.
DataDefinitionInterface::getConstraints public function Returns an array of validation constraints.
DataDefinitionInterface::getDataType public function Returns the data type of the data.
DataDefinitionInterface::getDescription public function Returns a human readable description.
DataDefinitionInterface::getLabel public function Returns a human readable label.
DataDefinitionInterface::getSetting public function Returns the value of a given setting.
DataDefinitionInterface::getSettings public function Returns the array of settings, as required by the used class.
DataDefinitionInterface::isComputed public function Determines whether the data value is computed.
DataDefinitionInterface::isList public function Returns whether the data is multi-valued, i.e. a list of data items.
DataDefinitionInterface::isReadOnly public function Determines whether the data is read-only.
DataDefinitionInterface::isRequired public function Determines whether a data value is required.

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