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class ConstraintManager

Constraint plugin manager.

Manages validation constraints based upon \Symfony\Component\Validator\Constraint, whereas Symfony constraints are added in manually during construction. Constraint options are passed on as plugin configuration during plugin instantiation.

While core does not prefix constraint plugins, modules have to prefix them with the module name in order to avoid any naming conflicts; for example, a "profile" module would have to prefix any constraints with "Profile".

Constraint plugins may specify data types to which support is limited via the 'type' key of plugin definitions. See \Drupal\Core\Validation\Annotation\Constraint for details.


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Name Modifiers Type Description
ConstraintManager::create public function Creates a validation constraint.
ConstraintManager::getDefinitionsByType public function Returns a list of constraints that support the given type.
ConstraintManager::getDiscovery protected function Gets the plugin discovery. Overrides DefaultPluginManager::getDiscovery
ConstraintManager::processDefinition public function Performs extra processing on plugin definitions. Overrides DefaultPluginManager::processDefinition
ConstraintManager::registerDefinitions public function Callback for registering definitions for constraints shipped with Symfony.
ConstraintManager::__construct public function Overrides \Drupal\Component\Plugin\PluginManagerBase::__construct(). Overrides DefaultPluginManager::__construct
DefaultPluginManager::$additionalAnnotationNamespaces protected property Additional namespaces the annotation discovery mechanism should scan for annotation definitions.
DefaultPluginManager::$alterHook protected property Name of the alter hook if one should be invoked.
DefaultPluginManager::$cacheKey protected property The cache key.
DefaultPluginManager::$cacheTags protected property An array of cache tags to use for the cached definitions.
DefaultPluginManager::$defaults protected property A set of defaults to be referenced by $this->processDefinition() if additional processing of plugins is necessary or helpful for development purposes.
DefaultPluginManager::$moduleHandler protected property The module handler to invoke the alter hook.
DefaultPluginManager::$namespaces protected property An object that implements \Traversable which contains the root paths keyed by the corresponding namespace to look for plugin implementations.
DefaultPluginManager::$pluginDefinitionAnnotationName protected property The name of the annotation that contains the plugin definition.
DefaultPluginManager::$pluginInterface protected property The interface each plugin should implement.
DefaultPluginManager::$subdir protected property The subdirectory within a namespace to look for plugins, or FALSE if the plugins are in the top level of the namespace.
DefaultPluginManager::alterDefinitions protected function Invokes the hook to alter the definitions if the alter hook is set.
DefaultPluginManager::alterInfo protected function Initializes the alter hook.
DefaultPluginManager::clearCachedDefinitions public function Clears static and persistent plugin definition caches. Overrides CachedDiscoveryInterface::clearCachedDefinitions
DefaultPluginManager::findDefinitions protected function Finds plugin definitions.
DefaultPluginManager::getCachedDefinitions protected function Returns the cached plugin definitions of the decorated discovery class.
DefaultPluginManager::getDefinitions public function Gets the definition of all plugins for this type. Overrides DiscoveryTrait::getDefinitions
DefaultPluginManager::getFactory protected function Gets the plugin factory. Overrides PluginManagerBase::getFactory
DefaultPluginManager::providerExists protected function Determines if the provider of a definition exists.
DefaultPluginManager::setCacheBackend public function Initialize the cache backend.
DefaultPluginManager::setCachedDefinitions protected function Sets a cache of plugin definitions for the decorated discovery class.
DefaultPluginManager::useCaches public function Disable the use of caches. Overrides CachedDiscoveryInterface::useCaches
DiscoveryCachedTrait::$definitions protected property Cached definitions array.
DiscoveryCachedTrait::getDefinition public function Gets a specific plugin definition. Overrides DiscoveryTrait::getDefinition
DiscoveryTrait::doGetDefinition protected function Gets a specific plugin definition.
DiscoveryTrait::hasDefinition public function Indicates if a specific plugin definition exists. Overrides DiscoveryInterface::hasDefinition
PluginManagerBase::$discovery protected property The object that discovers plugins managed by this manager.
PluginManagerBase::$factory protected property The object that instantiates plugins managed by this manager.
PluginManagerBase::$mapper protected property The object that returns the preconfigured plugin instance appropriate for a particular runtime condition.
PluginManagerBase::createInstance public function Creates a pre-configured instance of a plugin. Overrides FactoryInterface::createInstance
PluginManagerBase::getInstance public function Gets a preconfigured instance of a plugin. Overrides MapperInterface::getInstance
UseCacheBackendTrait::$cacheBackend protected property Cache backend instance.
UseCacheBackendTrait::$useCaches protected property Flag whether caches should be used or skipped.
UseCacheBackendTrait::cacheGet protected function Fetches from the cache backend, respecting the use caches flag.
UseCacheBackendTrait::cacheSet protected function Stores data in the persistent cache, respecting the use caches flag.

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