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function locale_translation_batch_fetch_import

locale_translation_batch_fetch_import($project, $langcode, $options, &$context)

Implements callback_batch_operation().

Imports a gettext file from the translation directory. When successfully the translation status is updated.


object $project: Source object of the translatable project.

string $langcode: Language code.

array $options: Array of import options.

array $context: The batch context.

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core/modules/locale/locale.batch.inc, line 175
Batch process to check the availability of remote or local po files.


function locale_translation_batch_fetch_import($project, $langcode, $options, &$context) {
  $sources = locale_translation_get_status(array($project), array($langcode));
  if (isset($sources[$project][$langcode])) {
    $source = $sources[$project][$langcode];
    if (isset($source->type)) {
      if ($source->type == LOCALE_TRANSLATION_REMOTE || $source->type == LOCALE_TRANSLATION_LOCAL) {
        $file = $source->files[LOCALE_TRANSLATION_LOCAL];
        module_load_include('bulk.inc', 'locale');
        $options += array(
          'message' => t('Importing translation for %project.', array('%project' => $source->project)),
        // Import the translation file. For large files the batch operations is
        // progressive and will be called repeatedly until finished.
        locale_translate_batch_import($file, $options, $context);

        // The import is finished.
        if (isset($context['finished']) && $context['finished'] == 1) {
          // The import is successful.
          if (isset($context['results']['files'][$file->uri])) {
            $context['message'] = t('Imported translation for %project.', array('%project' => $source->project));

            // Save the data of imported source into the {locale_file} table and
            // update the current translation status.
            locale_translation_status_save($project, $langcode, LOCALE_TRANSLATION_CURRENT, $source->files[LOCALE_TRANSLATION_LOCAL]);

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