MessagePortMain is the main-process-side equivalent of the DOM MessagePort object. It behaves similarly to the DOM version, with the exception that it uses the Node.js EventEmitter event system, instead of the DOM EventTarget system. This means you should use port.on('message', ...) to listen for events, instead of port.onmessage = ... or port.addEventListener('message', ...)

See the Channel Messaging API documentation for more information on using channel messaging.

MessagePortMain is an [EventEmitter][event-emitter].

Class: MessagePortMain

Process: Main

Instance Methods

port.postMessage(message, [transfer])

  • message any
  • transfer MessagePortMain[] (optional)

Sends a message from the port, and optionally, transfers ownership of objects to other browsing contexts.


Starts the sending of messages queued on the port. Messages will be queued until this method is called.


Disconnects the port, so it is no longer active.

Instance Events

Event: 'message'


  • messageEvent Object
    • data any
    • ports MessagePortMain[]

Emitted when a MessagePortMain object receives a message.

Event: 'close'

Emitted when the remote end of a MessagePortMain object becomes disconnected.

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