Goma is a distributed compiler service for open-source projects such as Chromium and Android.

Electron has a deployment of a custom Goma Backend that we make available to all Electron Maintainers. See the Access section below for details on authentication. There is also a cache-only Goma endpoint that will be used by default if you do not have credentials. Requests to the cache-only Goma will not hit our cluster, but will read from our cache and should result in significantly faster build times.

Enabling Goma

Currently the only supported way to use Goma is to use our Build Tools. Goma configuration is automatically included when you set up build-tools.

If you are a maintainer and have access to our cluster, please ensure that you run e init with --goma=cluster in order to configure build-tools to use the Goma cluster. If you have an existing config, you can just set "goma": "cluster" in your config file.

Building with Goma

When you are using Goma you can run ninja with a substantially higher j value than would normally be supported by your machine.

Please do not set a value higher than 200 on Windows or Linux and 50 on macOS. We monitor Goma system usage, and users found to be abusing it with unreasonable concurrency will be de-activated.

ninja -C out/Testing electron -j 200

If you're using build-tools, appropriate -j values will automatically be used for you.

Monitoring Goma

If you access http://localhost:8088 on your local machine you can monitor compile jobs as they flow through the goma system.


For security and cost reasons, access to Electron's Goma cluster is currently restricted to Electron Maintainers. If you want access please head to #access-requests in Slack and ping @goma-squad to ask for access. Please be aware that being a maintainer does not automatically grant access and access is determined on a case by case basis.

Uptime / Support

We have automated monitoring of our Goma cluster and cache at https://status.notgoma.com

We do not provide support for usage of Goma and any issues raised asking for help / having issues will probably be closed without much reason, we do not have the capacity to handle that kind of support.

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