Recent Documents (Windows & macOS)


Windows and macOS provide access to a list of recent documents opened by the application via JumpList or dock menu, respectively.


JumpList Recent Files

Application dock menu:

macOS Dock Menu

To add a file to recent documents, you need to use the app.addRecentDocument API.


Add an item to recent documents

Starting with a working application from the Quick Start Guide, add the following lines to the main.js file:

const { app } = require('electron')


After launching the Electron application, right click the application icon. You should see the item you just added. In this guide, the item is a Markdown file located in the root of the project:

Recent document

Clear the list of recent documents

To clear the list of recent documents, you need to use app.clearRecentDocuments API in the main.js file:

const { app } = require('electron')


Additional information

Windows Notes

To use this feature on Windows, your application has to be registered as a handler of the file type of the document, otherwise the file won't appear in JumpList even after you have added it. You can find everything on registering your application in Application Registration.

When a user clicks a file from the JumpList, a new instance of your application will be started with the path of the file added as a command line argument.

macOS Notes

Add the Recent Documents list to the application menu

You can add menu items to access and clear recent documents by adding the following code snippet to your menu template:

      "label":"Open Recent",
          "label":"Clear Recent",

macOS Recent Documents menu item

When a file is requested from the recent documents menu, the open-file event of app module will be emitted for it.

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