Package jsonrpc


Package jsonrpc implements a JSON-RPC 1.0 ClientCodec and ServerCodec for the rpc package. For JSON-RPC 2.0 support, see https://godoc.org/?q=json-rpc+2.0


Package files

client.go server.go

func DialSource

func Dial(network, address string) (*rpc.Client, error)

Dial connects to a JSON-RPC server at the specified network address.

func NewClientSource

func NewClient(conn io.ReadWriteCloser) *rpc.Client

NewClient returns a new rpc.Client to handle requests to the set of services at the other end of the connection.

func NewClientCodecSource

func NewClientCodec(conn io.ReadWriteCloser) rpc.ClientCodec

NewClientCodec returns a new rpc.ClientCodec using JSON-RPC on conn.

func NewServerCodecSource

func NewServerCodec(conn io.ReadWriteCloser) rpc.ServerCodec

NewServerCodec returns a new rpc.ServerCodec using JSON-RPC on conn.

func ServeConnSource

func ServeConn(conn io.ReadWriteCloser)

ServeConn runs the JSON-RPC server on a single connection. ServeConn blocks, serving the connection until the client hangs up. The caller typically invokes ServeConn in a go statement.

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