Package iotest


Package iotest implements Readers and Writers useful mainly for testing.


Package files

logger.go reader.go writer.go


var ErrTimeout = errors.New("timeout")

func DataErrReaderSource

func DataErrReader(r io.Reader) io.Reader

DataErrReader changes the way errors are handled by a Reader. Normally, a Reader returns an error (typically EOF) from the first Read call after the last piece of data is read. DataErrReader wraps a Reader and changes its behavior so the final error is returned along with the final data, instead of in the first call after the final data.

func HalfReaderSource

func HalfReader(r io.Reader) io.Reader

HalfReader returns a Reader that implements Read by reading half as many requested bytes from r.

func NewReadLoggerSource

func NewReadLogger(prefix string, r io.Reader) io.Reader

NewReadLogger returns a reader that behaves like r except that it logs (using log.Printf) each read to standard error, printing the prefix and the hexadecimal data read.

func NewWriteLoggerSource

func NewWriteLogger(prefix string, w io.Writer) io.Writer

NewWriteLogger returns a writer that behaves like w except that it logs (using log.Printf) each write to standard error, printing the prefix and the hexadecimal data written.

func OneByteReaderSource

func OneByteReader(r io.Reader) io.Reader

OneByteReader returns a Reader that implements each non-empty Read by reading one byte from r.

func TimeoutReaderSource

func TimeoutReader(r io.Reader) io.Reader

TimeoutReader returns ErrTimeout on the second read with no data. Subsequent calls to read succeed.

func TruncateWriterSource

func TruncateWriter(w io.Writer, n int64) io.Writer

TruncateWriter returns a Writer that writes to w but stops silently after n bytes.

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