Package utf16


Package utf16 implements encoding and decoding of UTF-16 sequences.


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func DecodeSource

func Decode(s []uint16) []rune

Decode returns the Unicode code point sequence represented by the UTF-16 encoding s.

func DecodeRuneSource

func DecodeRune(r1, r2 rune) rune

DecodeRune returns the UTF-16 decoding of a surrogate pair. If the pair is not a valid UTF-16 surrogate pair, DecodeRune returns the Unicode replacement code point U+FFFD.

func EncodeSource

func Encode(s []rune) []uint16

Encode returns the UTF-16 encoding of the Unicode code point sequence s.

func EncodeRuneSource

func EncodeRune(r rune) (r1, r2 rune)

EncodeRune returns the UTF-16 surrogate pair r1, r2 for the given rune. If the rune is not a valid Unicode code point or does not need encoding, EncodeRune returns U+FFFD, U+FFFD.

func IsSurrogateSource

func IsSurrogate(r rune) bool

IsSurrogate reports whether the specified Unicode code point can appear in a surrogate pair.

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