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Inherits: Spatial < Node < Object

Plays 3D sound in 3D space.


Plays a sound effect with directed sound effects, dampens with distance if needed, generates effect of hearable position in space.

By default, audio is heard from the camera position. This can be changed by adding a Listener node to the scene and enabling it by calling Listener.make_current on it.



int area_mask 1
float attenuation_filter_cutoff_hz 5000.0
float attenuation_filter_db -24.0
AttenuationModel attenuation_model 0
bool autoplay false
String bus "Master"
DopplerTracking doppler_tracking 0
float emission_angle_degrees 45.0
bool emission_angle_enabled false
float emission_angle_filter_attenuation_db -12.0
float max_db 3.0
float max_distance 0.0
OutOfRangeMode out_of_range_mode 0
float pitch_scale 1.0
bool playing false
AudioStream stream
bool stream_paused false
float unit_db 0.0
float unit_size 1.0


float get_playback_position ( )
AudioStreamPlayback get_stream_playback ( )
void play ( float from_position=0.0 )
void seek ( float to_position )
void stop ( )


finished ( )

Emitted when the audio stops playing.


enum AttenuationModel:

  • ATTENUATION_INVERSE_DISTANCE = 0 --- Linear dampening of loudness according to distance.
  • ATTENUATION_INVERSE_SQUARE_DISTANCE = 1 --- Squared dampening of loudness according to distance.
  • ATTENUATION_LOGARITHMIC = 2 --- Logarithmic dampening of loudness according to distance.
  • ATTENUATION_DISABLED = 3 --- No dampening of loudness according to distance.

enum OutOfRangeMode:

  • OUT_OF_RANGE_MIX = 0 --- Mix this audio in, even when it's out of range.
  • OUT_OF_RANGE_PAUSE = 1 --- Pause this audio when it gets out of range.

enum DopplerTracking:

  • DOPPLER_TRACKING_DISABLED = 0 --- Disables doppler tracking.
  • DOPPLER_TRACKING_IDLE_STEP = 1 --- Executes doppler tracking in idle step.
  • DOPPLER_TRACKING_PHYSICS_STEP = 2 --- Executes doppler tracking in physics step.

Property Descriptions

int area_mask

Default 1
Setter set_area_mask(value)
Getter get_area_mask()

Areas in which this sound plays.

float attenuation_filter_cutoff_hz

Default 5000.0
Setter set_attenuation_filter_cutoff_hz(value)
Getter get_attenuation_filter_cutoff_hz()

Dampens audio above this frequency, in Hz.

float attenuation_filter_db

Default -24.0
Setter set_attenuation_filter_db(value)
Getter get_attenuation_filter_db()

Amount how much the filter affects the loudness, in dB.

AttenuationModel attenuation_model

Default 0
Setter set_attenuation_model(value)
Getter get_attenuation_model()

Decides if audio should get quieter with distance linearly, quadratically, logarithmically, or not be affected by distance, effectively disabling attenuation.

bool autoplay

Default false
Setter set_autoplay(value)
Getter is_autoplay_enabled()

If true, audio plays when added to scene tree.

String bus

Default "Master"
Setter set_bus(value)
Getter get_bus()

Bus on which this audio is playing.

DopplerTracking doppler_tracking

Default 0
Setter set_doppler_tracking(value)
Getter get_doppler_tracking()

Decides in which step the Doppler effect should be calculated.

float emission_angle_degrees

Default 45.0
Setter set_emission_angle(value)
Getter get_emission_angle()

The angle in which the audio reaches cameras undampened.

bool emission_angle_enabled

Default false
Setter set_emission_angle_enabled(value)
Getter is_emission_angle_enabled()

If true, the audio should be dampened according to the direction of the sound.

float emission_angle_filter_attenuation_db

Default -12.0
Setter set_emission_angle_filter_attenuation_db(value)
Getter get_emission_angle_filter_attenuation_db()

Dampens audio if camera is outside of emission_angle_degrees and emission_angle_enabled is set by this factor, in dB.

float max_db

Default 3.0
Setter set_max_db(value)
Getter get_max_db()

Sets the absolute maximum of the soundlevel, in dB.

float max_distance

Default 0.0
Setter set_max_distance(value)
Getter get_max_distance()

Sets the distance from which the out_of_range_mode takes effect. Has no effect if set to 0.

OutOfRangeMode out_of_range_mode

Default 0
Setter set_out_of_range_mode(value)
Getter get_out_of_range_mode()

Decides if audio should pause when source is outside of max_distance range.

float pitch_scale

Default 1.0
Setter set_pitch_scale(value)
Getter get_pitch_scale()

The pitch and the tempo of the audio, as a multiplier of the audio sample's sample rate.

bool playing

Default false
Getter is_playing()

If true, audio is playing.

AudioStream stream

Setter set_stream(value)
Getter get_stream()

The AudioStream object to be played.

bool stream_paused

Default false
Setter set_stream_paused(value)
Getter get_stream_paused()

If true, the playback is paused. You can resume it by setting stream_paused to false.

float unit_db

Default 0.0
Setter set_unit_db(value)
Getter get_unit_db()

Base sound level unaffected by dampening, in dB.

float unit_size

Default 1.0
Setter set_unit_size(value)
Getter get_unit_size()

Factor for the attenuation effect.

Method Descriptions

float get_playback_position ( )

Returns the position in the AudioStream.

AudioStreamPlayback get_stream_playback ( )

Returns the AudioStreamPlayback object associated with this AudioStreamPlayer3D.

void play ( float from_position=0.0 )

Plays the audio from the given position from_position, in seconds.

void seek ( float to_position )

Sets the position from which audio will be played, in seconds.

void stop ( )

Stops the audio.

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