/Godot 3.2


Inherits: Texture < Resource < Reference < Object

Texture provided by a CameraFeed.


This texture gives access to the camera texture provided by a CameraFeed.

Note: Many cameras supply YCbCr images which need to be converted in a shader.


int camera_feed_id 0
bool camera_is_active false
int flags 0 (parent override)
FeedImage which_feed 0

Property Descriptions

int camera_feed_id

Default 0
Setter set_camera_feed_id(value)
Getter get_camera_feed_id()

The ID of the CameraFeed for which we want to display the image.

bool camera_is_active

Default false
Setter set_camera_active(value)
Getter get_camera_active()

Convenience property that gives access to the active property of the CameraFeed.

FeedImage which_feed

Default 0
Setter set_which_feed(value)
Getter get_which_feed()

Which image within the CameraFeed we want access to, important if the camera image is split in a Y and CbCr component.

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