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Inherits: Resource < Reference < Object

Used with DynamicFont to describe the location of a font file.


Used with DynamicFont to describe the location of a vector font file for dynamic rendering at runtime.


bool antialiased true
String font_path ""
Hinting hinting 2


enum Hinting:

  • HINTING_NONE = 0 --- Disables font hinting (smoother but less crisp).
  • HINTING_LIGHT = 1 --- Use the light font hinting mode.
  • HINTING_NORMAL = 2 --- Use the default font hinting mode (crisper but less smooth).

Property Descriptions

bool antialiased

Default true
Setter set_antialiased(value)
Getter is_antialiased()

If true, the font is rendered with anti-aliasing. This property applies both to the main font and its outline (if it has one).

String font_path

Default ""
Setter set_font_path(value)
Getter get_font_path()

The path to the vector font file.

Hinting hinting

Default 2
Setter set_hinting(value)
Getter get_hinting()

The font hinting mode used by FreeType. See Hinting for options.

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