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Inherits: ScrollContainer < Container < Control < CanvasItem < Node < Object

A tab used to edit properties of the selected node.


The editor inspector is by default located on the right-hand side of the editor. It's used to edit the properties of the selected node. For example, you can select a node such as Sprite then edit its transform through the inspector tool. The editor inspector is an essential tool in the game development workflow.

Note: This class shouldn't be instantiated directly. Instead, access the singleton using EditorInterface.get_inspector.


bool scroll_horizontal_enabled false (parent override)


void refresh ( )


object_id_selected ( int id )

Emitted when the Edit button of an Object has been pressed in the inspector. This is mainly used in the remote scene tree inspector.

property_edited ( String property )

Emitted when a property is edited in the inspector.

property_keyed ( String property )

Emitted when a property is keyed in the inspector. Properties can be keyed by clicking the "key" icon next to a property when the Animation panel is toggled.

property_selected ( String property )

Emitted when a property is selected in the inspector.

property_toggled ( String property, bool checked )

Emitted when a boolean property is toggled in the inspector.

Note: This signal is never emitted if the internal autoclear property enabled. Since this property is always enabled in the editor inspector, this signal is never emitted by the editor itself.

resource_selected ( Object res, String prop )

Emitted when a resource is selected in the inspector.

restart_requested ( )

Emitted when a property that requires a restart to be applied is edited in the inspector. This is only used in the Project Settings and Editor Settings.

Method Descriptions

void refresh ( )

Refreshes the inspector.

Note: To save on CPU resources, calling this method will do nothing if the time specified in docks/property_editor/auto_refresh_interval editor setting hasn't passed yet since this method was last called. (By default, this interval is set to 0.3 seconds.)

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