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Inherits: Container < Control < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Inherited By: EditorInspector

A helper node for displaying scrollable elements such as lists.


A ScrollContainer node meant to contain a Control child. ScrollContainers will automatically create a scrollbar child (HScrollBar, VScrollBar, or both) when needed and will only draw the Control within the ScrollContainer area. Scrollbars will automatically be drawn at the right (for vertical) or bottom (for horizontal) and will enable dragging to move the viewable Control (and its children) within the ScrollContainer. Scrollbars will also automatically resize the grabber based on the Control.rect_min_size of the Control relative to the ScrollContainer. Works great with a Panel control. You can set EXPAND on the children's size flags, so they will upscale to the ScrollContainer's size if it's larger (scroll is invisible for the chosen dimension).


bool follow_focus false
bool rect_clip_content true (parent override)
int scroll_deadzone 0
int scroll_horizontal 0
bool scroll_horizontal_enabled true
int scroll_vertical 0
bool scroll_vertical_enabled true


HScrollBar get_h_scrollbar ( )
VScrollBar get_v_scrollbar ( )

Theme Properties

StyleBox bg


scroll_ended ( )

Emitted when scrolling stops.

scroll_started ( )

Emitted when scrolling is started.

Property Descriptions

bool follow_focus

Default false
Setter set_follow_focus(value)
Getter is_following_focus()

If true, the ScrollContainer will automatically scroll to focused children (including indirect children) to make sure they are fully visible.

int scroll_deadzone

Default 0
Setter set_deadzone(value)
Getter get_deadzone()

int scroll_horizontal

Default 0
Setter set_h_scroll(value)
Getter get_h_scroll()

The current horizontal scroll value.

bool scroll_horizontal_enabled

Default true
Setter set_enable_h_scroll(value)
Getter is_h_scroll_enabled()

If true, enables horizontal scrolling.

int scroll_vertical

Default 0
Setter set_v_scroll(value)
Getter get_v_scroll()

The current vertical scroll value.

bool scroll_vertical_enabled

Default true
Setter set_enable_v_scroll(value)
Getter is_v_scroll_enabled()

If true, enables vertical scrolling.

Method Descriptions

HScrollBar get_h_scrollbar ( )

Returns the horizontal scrollbar HScrollBar of this ScrollContainer.

VScrollBar get_v_scrollbar ( )

Returns the vertical scrollbar VScrollBar of this ScrollContainer.

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