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Inherits: InputEventWithModifiers < InputEvent < Resource < Reference < Object

Input event type for keyboard events.


Stores key presses on the keyboard. Supports key presses, key releases and echo events.



bool echo false
bool pressed false
int scancode 0
int unicode 0


int get_scancode_with_modifiers ( ) const

Property Descriptions

bool echo

Default false
Setter set_echo(value)
Getter is_echo()

If true, the key was already pressed before this event. It means the user is holding the key down.

bool pressed

Default false
Setter set_pressed(value)
Getter is_pressed()

If true, the key's state is pressed. If false, the key's state is released.

int scancode

Default 0
Setter set_scancode(value)
Getter get_scancode()

The key scancode, which corresponds to one of the KeyList constants.

To get a human-readable representation of the InputEventKey, use OS.get_scancode_string(event.scancode) where event is the InputEventKey.

int unicode

Default 0
Setter set_unicode(value)
Getter get_unicode()

The key Unicode identifier (when relevant). Unicode identifiers for the composite characters and complex scripts may not be available unless IME input mode is active. See OS.set_ime_active for more information.

Method Descriptions

int get_scancode_with_modifiers ( ) const

Returns the scancode combined with modifier keys such as Shift or Alt. See also InputEventWithModifiers.

To get a human-readable representation of the InputEventKey with modifiers, use OS.get_scancode_string(event.get_scancode_with_modifiers()) where event is the InputEventKey.

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