/Godot 3.2


Inherits: InputEvent < Resource < Reference < Object

Inherited By: InputEventGesture, InputEventKey, InputEventMouse

Base class for keys events with modifiers.


Contains keys events information with modifiers support like Shift or Alt. See Node._input.



bool alt false
bool command false
bool control false
bool meta false
bool shift false

Property Descriptions

bool alt

Default false
Setter set_alt(value)
Getter get_alt()

State of the Alt modifier.

bool command

Default false
Setter set_command(value)
Getter get_command()

State of the Command modifier.

bool control

Default false
Setter set_control(value)
Getter get_control()

State of the Ctrl modifier.

bool meta

Default false
Setter set_metakey(value)
Getter get_metakey()

State of the Meta modifier.

bool shift

Default false
Setter set_shift(value)
Getter get_shift()

State of the Shift modifier.

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