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Inherits: Range < Control < CanvasItem < Node < Object

Numerical input text field.


SpinBox is a numerical input text field. It allows entering integers and floats.


var spin_box = SpinBox.new()
var line_edit = spin_box.get_line_edit()
line_edit.context_menu_enabled = false
spin_box.align = LineEdit.ALIGN_RIGHT

The above code will create a SpinBox, disable context menu on it and set the text alignment to right.

See Range class for more options over the SpinBox.


Align align 0
bool editable true
String prefix ""
String suffix ""


void apply ( )
LineEdit get_line_edit ( )

Theme Properties

Texture updown

Property Descriptions

Align align

Default 0
Setter set_align(value)
Getter get_align()

Sets the text alignment of the SpinBox.

bool editable

Default true
Setter set_editable(value)
Getter is_editable()

If true, the SpinBox will be editable. Otherwise, it will be read only.

String prefix

Default ""
Setter set_prefix(value)
Getter get_prefix()

Adds the specified prefix string before the numerical value of the SpinBox.

String suffix

Default ""
Setter set_suffix(value)
Getter get_suffix()

Adds the specified suffix string after the numerical value of the SpinBox.

Method Descriptions

void apply ( )

Applies the current value of this SpinBox.

LineEdit get_line_edit ( )

Returns the LineEdit instance from this SpinBox. You can use it to access properties and methods of LineEdit.

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