/Haskell 7


Copyright (c) University of Glasgow 2006
License BSD-style (see the file LICENSE)
Maintainer Esa Ilari Vuokko <[email protected]>
Stability provisional
Portability portable
Safe Haskell Safe
Language Haskell98


A collection of FFI declarations for interfacing with Win32 Console API

Console code pages

getConsoleCP :: IO UINT Source

setConsoleCP :: UINT -> IO () Source

getConsoleOutputCP :: IO UINT Source

setConsoleOutputCP :: UINT -> IO () Source

Ctrl events

type CtrlEvent = DWORD Source

cTRL_C_EVENT :: CtrlEvent Source

cTRL_BREAK_EVENT :: CtrlEvent Source

generateConsoleCtrlEvent :: CtrlEvent -> DWORD -> IO () Source

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