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Safe Haskell None
Language Haskell2010


Running TH splices

startTH :: IO (RemoteRef (IORef QState)) Source

The implementation of the StartTH message: create a new IORef QState, and return a RemoteRef to it.

runModFinalizerRefs :: Pipe -> RemoteRef (IORef QState) -> [RemoteRef (Q ())] -> IO () Source

Runs the mod finalizers.

The references must be created on the caller process.

runTH Source


:: Pipe
-> RemoteRef (IORef QState)

The TH state, created by startTH

-> HValueRef

The splice to run

-> THResultType

What kind of splice it is

-> Maybe Loc

The source location

-> IO ByteString

Returns an (encoded) result that depends on the THResultType

The implementation of the RunTH message

data GHCiQException Source

The exception thrown by "fail" in the GHCiQ monad

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