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Copyright (c) The University of Glasgow 1994-2002
License see libraries/base/LICENSE
Safe Haskell Trustworthy
Language Haskell2010


Write a floating point value to a Builder.

data FPFormat Source

Control the rendering of floating point numbers.



Scientific notation (e.g. 2.3e123).


Standard decimal notation.


Use decimal notation for values between 0.1 and 9,999,999, and scientific notation otherwise.

realFloat :: RealFloat a => a -> Builder Source

Show a signed RealFloat value to full precision, using standard decimal notation for arguments whose absolute value lies between 0.1 and 9,999,999, and scientific notation otherwise.

formatRealFloat Source


:: RealFloat a
=> FPFormat
-> Maybe Int

Number of decimal places to render.

-> a
-> Builder

Encode a signed RealFloat according to FPFormat and optionally requested precision.

This corresponds to the show{E,F,G}Float operations provided by base's Numeric module.

NOTE: The functions in base-4.12 changed the serialisation in case of a Just 0 precision; this version of text still provides the serialisation as implemented in base-4.11. The next major version of text will switch to the more correct base-4.12 serialisation.

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