package haxe.display

import haxe.display.Display

Available on all platforms


inlineread onlyAnonymousStructure:ClassFieldOriginKind<JsonAnon> = 4

This field doesn't belong to any named type, just an anonymous structure.

inlineread onlyBuiltIn:ClassFieldOriginKind<NoData> = 5

Special fields built into the compiler, such as: - code on single-character Strings - bind() on functions.

inlineread onlyParent:ClassFieldOriginKind<JsonModuleType<T>> = 2

The field is declared on a parent type, such as: - a super class field that is not overriden - a forwarded abstract field

inlineread onlySelf:ClassFieldOriginKind<JsonModuleType<T>> = 0

The field is declared on the current type itself.

inlineread onlyStaticExtension:ClassFieldOriginKind<JsonModuleType<T>> = 3

The field is a static extension method brought into context with the using keyword.

inlineread onlyStaticImport:ClassFieldOriginKind<JsonModuleType<T>> = 1

The field is a static field brought into context via a static import (import pack.Module.Type.field).

inlineread onlyUnknown:ClassFieldOriginKind<NoData> = 6

The origin of this class field is unknown.

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