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package lua

Available on lua

A set of utility methods for working with the Lua table extern.

Static methods

staticcopy<A, B>(table1:Table<A, B>):Table<A, B>

staticipairsConcat<T>(table1:Table<Int, T>, table2:Table<Int, T>):Table<Int, T>

staticipairsEach<T>(table:Table<Dynamic, T>, func:(Int, T) ‑> Void):Void

staticipairsExist<T>(table:Table<Int, T>, func:(Int, T) ‑> Bool):Void

staticipairsFold<A, B>(table:Table<Int, A>, func:(Int, A, B) ‑> B, seed:B):B

staticipairsIterator<A, B>(table:Table<A, B>):Iterator<{value:B, index:Int}>

staticipairsMap<A, B>(table:Table<Dynamic, A>, func:(Int, A) ‑> B):Table<Int, B>

staticpairsEach<A, B>(table:Table<A, B>, func:(A, B) ‑> Void):Void

staticpairsExist<A, B>(table:Table<A, B>, func:(A, B) ‑> Bool):Void

staticpairsFold<A, B, C>(table:Table<A, B>, func:(A, B, C) ‑> C, seed:C):C

staticpairsIterator<A, B>(table:Table<A, B>):Iterator<{value:B, index:A}>

staticpairsMap<A, B, C>(table:Table<A, B>, func:(A, B, C) ‑> C):Table<A, C>

staticpairsMerge<A, B>(table1:Table<A, B>, table2:Table<A, B>):Table<A, B>

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