Migrating A Formula To A Tap

There are times when we may wish to migrate a formula from one tap into another tap. To do this:

  1. Create a pull request to the new tap adding the formula file as-is from the original tap. Fix any test failures that may occur due to the stricter requirements for new formulae than existing formula (e.g. brew audit --strict must pass for that formula).
  2. Create a pull request to the original tap deleting the formula file and add it to tap_migrations.json with a commit message like gv: migrate to homebrew/core.
  3. Put a link for each pull request in the other pull request so the maintainers can merge them both at once.

Congratulations, you’ve moved a formula to a tap!

For Homebrew maintainers, formulae should only ever be migrated into and within the Homebrew organisation (e.g. from Homebrew/core to Homebrew/cask, or from a third-party tap to Homebrew/core), and never out of it.

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