The enterkeyhint global attribute is an enumerated attribute defining what action label (or icon) to present for the enter key on virtual keyboards.

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Form controls (such as <textarea> or <input> elements) or elements using contenteditable can specify an inputmode attribute to control what kind of virtual keyboard will be used. To further improve the user's experience, the enter key can be customized specifically by providing an enterkeyhint attribute indicating how the enter key should be labeled (or which icon should be shown). The enter key usually represents what the user should do next; typical actions are: sending text, inserting a new line, or searching.

If no enterkeyhint attribute is provided, the user agent might use contextual information from the inputmode, type, or pattern attributes to display a suitable enter key label (or icon).


The enterkeyhint attribute is an enumerated attribute and only accepts the following values:

Value Description Example label (depends on user agent and user language)
enterkeyhint="enter" Typically inserting a new line.
enterkeyhint="done" Typically meaning there is nothing more to input and the input method editor (IME) will be closed. Done
enterkeyhint="go" Typically meaning to take the user to the target of the text they typed. Open
enterkeyhint="next" Typically taking the user to the next field that will accept text. Next
enterkeyhint="previous" Typically taking the user to the previous field that will accept text. Previous
enterkeyhint="search" Typically taking the user to the results of searching for the text they have typed. Search
enterkeyhint="send" Typically delivering the text to its target. Send


Browser compatibility

Desktop Mobile
Chrome Edge Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari WebView Android Chrome Android Firefox for Android Opera Android Safari on IOS Samsung Internet
enterkeyhint 77 79 94 No 66 13.1 77 77 94 57 13.4 12.0

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