jqueryReturns: String

Description: A string containing the jQuery version number.

  • version added: 1.0jquery

The .jquery property is assigned to the jQuery prototype, commonly referred to by its alias $.fn. It is a string containing the version number of jQuery, such as "1.5.0" or "1.4.4".


Determine if an object is a jQuery object

var a = { what: "A regular JS object" },
  b = $( "body" );
if ( a.jquery ) { // Falsy, since it's undefined
  alert( "a is a jQuery object!" );
if ( b.jquery ) { // Truthy, since it's a string
    alert( "b is a jQuery object!" );

Get the current version of jQuery running on the page

alert( "You are running jQuery version: " + $.fn.jquery );

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