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@mixin [<MixinName>]


A mixin provides functionality that is intended to be added to other objects. If desired, you can use the @mixin tag to indicate that an object is a mixin. You can then add the @mixes tag to objects that use the mixin.


Using @mixin
 * This provides methods used for event handling. It's not meant to
 * be used directly.
 * @mixin
var Eventful = {
     * Register a handler function to be called whenever this event is fired.
     * @param {string} eventName - Name of the event.
     * @param {function(Object)} handler - The handler to call.
    on: function(eventName, handler) {
        // code...

     * Fire an event, causing all handlers for that event name to run.
     * @param {string} eventName - Name of the event.
     * @param {Object} eventData - The data provided to each handler.
    fire: function(eventName, eventData) {
        // code...

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