Asynchronous error handling

Note: This documentation applies to Knockout 3.4.0 and later.


Knockout wraps internal asynchronous calls and looks for an optional ko.onError callback to execute, if an exception is encountered, before throwing the original error. This gives you the opportunity to run custom logic, such as passing the error to a logging module. Additionally, since the original call is wrapped in a try/catch, the error passed to ko.onError contains a stack property, which is not true in many browsers when handling errors using window.onerror.

This functionality applies to errors in the following contexts:

  • asynchronous updates made as part of the textInput and value binding
  • component loading of a cached component when not configured for synchronous loading
  • rate-limited and throttled computeds
  • event handlers added by ko.utils.registerEventHandler including those bound by the event and click bindings


ko.onError = function(error) {
    myLogger("knockout error", error);

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