Available since LÖVE 0.7.0
This type is not supported in earlier versions.

A Thread is a chunk of code that can run in parallel with other threads. Data can be sent between different threads with Channel objects.


love.thread.newThread Creates a new Thread from a Lua file or FileData object. 0.7.0


Object:type Gets the type of the object as a string.
Object:typeOf Checks whether an object is of a certain type.
Thread:demand Receive a message from a thread. Wait for the message to exist before returning. 0.7.0 0.9.0
Thread:get Get a value. 0.8.0 0.9.0
Thread:getError Retrieves the error string from the thread. 0.9.0
Thread:getKeys Returns the names of all messages as a table. 0.8.0 0.9.0
Thread:getName Get the name of a thread. 0.7.0 0.9.0
Thread:isRunning Returns whether the thread is currently running. 0.9.0
Thread:kill Forcefully terminate the thread. 0.7.0 0.8.0
Thread:peek Receive a message from a thread, but leave it in the message box. 0.7.0 0.9.0
Thread:receive Receive a message from a thread. 0.7.0 0.8.0
Thread:send Send a message. 0.7.0 0.8.0
Thread:set Set a value. 0.8.0 0.9.0
Thread:start Starts the thread. 0.7.0
Thread:wait Wait for a thread to finish. 0.7.0



Removed in LÖVE 0.9.0
This method for retrieving errors has been replaced by Thread:getError and love.threaderror.

If a Lua error occurs in the thread, a message with the name "error" gets pushed to its message pool. Retrieve the message with Thread:get('error').

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