The superclass of all LÖVE types.


Object:type Gets the type of the object as a string.
Object:typeOf Checks whether an object is of a certain type.


BezierCurve A Bézier curve object that can evaluate and render Bézier curves of arbitrary degree. 0.9.0
Body Bodies are objects with velocity and position.
Canvas Off-screen render target. 0.8.0
ChainShape A ChainShape consists of multiple line segments.
Channel An object which can be used to send and receive data between different threads. 0.9.0
CircleShape Circle extends Shape and adds a radius and a local position.
CompressedData Byte data compressed using a specific algorithm. 0.10.0
CompressedImageData Compressed image data designed to stay compressed in RAM and on the GPU. 0.9.0
Contact Contacts are objects created to manage collisions in worlds.
Cursor Represents a hardware cursor. 0.9.0
Data The superclass of all data.
Decoder An object which can gradually decode a sound file.
DistanceJoint Keeps two bodies at the same distance.
Drawable Superclass for all things that can be drawn on screen.
EdgeShape EdgeShape is a line segment.
File Represents a file on the filesystem.
FileData Data representing the contents of a file.
Fixture Fixtures attach shapes to bodies. 0.8.0
Font Defines the shape of characters than can be drawn onto the screen.
FontData A FontData represents a font. 0.7.0 0.8.0
Framebuffer Off-screen render target. 0.7.0 0.8.0
FrictionJoint A FrictionJoint applies friction to a body. 0.8.0
GearJoint Keeps bodies together in such a way that they act like gears.
GlyphData A GlyphData represents a drawable symbol of a font. 0.7.0
Image Drawable image type.
ImageData Raw (decoded) image data.
Joint Attach multiple bodies together to interact in unique ways.
Joystick Represents a physical joystick. 0.9.0
Mesh A 2D polygon mesh used for drawing arbitrary textured shapes. 0.9.0
MotorJoint Controls the relative motion between two Bodies 0.9.0
MouseJoint For controlling objects with the mouse.
ParticleSystem Used to create cool effects, like fire.
PixelEffect Pixel shader effect. 0.8.0 0.9.0
PolygonShape Polygon is a convex polygon with up to 8 sides.
PrismaticJoint Restricts relative motion between Bodies to one shared axis.
PulleyJoint Allows you to simulate bodies connected through pulleys.
Quad A quadrilateral with texture coordinate information.
RandomGenerator A random number generation object which has its own random state. 0.9.0
Rasterizer A Rasterizer represents font data and glyphs. 0.7.0
RevoluteJoint Allow two Bodies to revolve around a shared point.
RopeJoint Enforces a maximum distance between two points on two bodies. 0.8.0
Shader Shader effect. 0.9.0
Shape Shapes are objects used to control mass and collisions.
SoundData Contains raw audio samples.
Source A Source represents audio you can play back.
SpriteBatch Store image positions in a buffer, and draw it in one call.
Text Drawable text. 0.10.0
Texture Superclass for drawable objects which represent a texture. 0.9.1
Thread A Thread represents a thread. 0.7.0
Video A drawable video. 0.10.0
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