Using a single image, draw any number of identical copies of the image using a single call to love.graphics.draw(). This can be used, for example, to draw repeating copies of a single background image with high performance.

A SpriteBatch can be even more useful when the underlying image is a texture atlas (a single image file containing many independent images); by adding Quads to the batch, different sub-images from within the atlas can be drawn.


love.graphics.newSpriteBatch Creates a new SpriteBatch.


Object:type Gets the type of the object as a string.
Object:typeOf Checks whether an object is of a certain type.
SpriteBatch:add Adds a sprite to the batch.
SpriteBatch:addq Adds a Quad to the batch. 0.9.0
SpriteBatch:attachAttribute Attaches a per-vertex attribute from a Mesh onto this SpriteBatch, for use when drawing. 0.10.0
SpriteBatch:bind Binds the SpriteBatch to memory for more efficient updating. 0.8.0 0.10.0
SpriteBatch:clear Removes all sprites from the buffer.
SpriteBatch:flush Immediately sends all new and modified sprite data to the graphics card. 0.9.2
SpriteBatch:getBufferSize Gets the maximum number of sprites the SpriteBatch can hold. 0.9.0
SpriteBatch:getColor Gets the color that will be used for the next add and set operations. 0.9.0
SpriteBatch:getCount Gets the number of sprites currently in the SpriteBatch. 0.9.0
SpriteBatch:getImage Returns the image used by the SpriteBatch. 0.8.0 0.10.0
SpriteBatch:getTexture Gets the texture (Image or Canvas) used by the SpriteBatch. 0.9.1
SpriteBatch:set Changes a sprite in the batch. 0.8.0
SpriteBatch:setBufferSize Sets the maximum number of sprites the SpriteBatch can hold. 0.9.0
SpriteBatch:setColor Sets the color that will be used for the next add or set operations. 0.8.0
SpriteBatch:setImage Replaces the image used for the sprites. 0.7.2 0.10.0
SpriteBatch:setTexture Sets the texture (Image or Canvas) used for the sprites in the batch. 0.9.1
SpriteBatch:setq Changes a sprite with a quad in the batch. 0.8.0 0.9.0
SpriteBatch:unbind Unbinds the SpriteBatch. 0.8.0 0.10.0


SpriteBatchUsage Usage hints for SpriteBatches and Meshes. 0.8.0


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