Available since LÖVE 0.9.0
This type is not supported in earlier versions.

A Bézier curve object that can evaluate and render Bézier curves of arbitrary degree. For more information on Bézier curves check this great article on Wikipedia.


love.math.newBezierCurve Creates a new BezierCurve object. 0.9.0


BezierCurve:evaluate Evaluate Bézier curve at parameter t. 0.9.0
BezierCurve:getControlPoint Get coordinates of the i-th control point. 0.9.0
BezierCurve:getControlPointCount Get the number of control points in the Bézier curve. 0.9.0
BezierCurve:getDegree Get degree of the Bézier curve. 0.9.0
BezierCurve:getDerivative Get derivate of the Bézier curve. 0.9.0
BezierCurve:getSegment Gets a BezierCurve that corresponds to the specified segment of this BezierCurve. 0.10.0
BezierCurve:insertControlPoint Insert control point after the i-th control point. 0.9.0
BezierCurve:removeControlPoint Removes the specified control point. 0.10.0
BezierCurve:render Get a list of points on the curve. 0.9.0
BezierCurve:renderSegment Get a list of points on a specific part of the curve. 0.10.0
BezierCurve:rotate Rotate the Bézier curve. 0.9.0
BezierCurve:scale Scale the Bézier curve. 0.9.0
BezierCurve:setControlPoint Set coordinates of the i-th control point. 0.9.0
BezierCurve:translate Move the Bézier curve. 0.9.0
Object:type Gets the type of the object as a string.
Object:typeOf Checks whether an object is of a certain type.


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