Available since LÖVE 0.9.0
This module is not supported in earlier versions.

Provides system-independent mathematical functions.


BezierCurve A Bézier curve object that can evaluate and render Bézier curves of arbitrary degree. 0.9.0
CompressedData Byte data compressed using a specific algorithm. 0.10.0
RandomGenerator A random number generation object which has its own random state. 0.9.0


love.math.compress Compresses a string or data using a specific compression algorithm. 0.10.0
love.math.decompress Decompresses a CompressedData or previously compressed string or Data object. 0.10.0
love.math.gammaToLinear Converts a color from gamma-space (sRGB) to linear-space (RGB). 0.9.1
love.math.getRandomSeed Gets the seed of the random number generator. 0.9.0
love.math.isConvex Checks whether a polygon is convex. 0.9.0
love.math.linearToGamma Converts a color from linear-space (RGB) to gamma-space (sRGB). 0.9.1
love.math.newBezierCurve Creates a new BezierCurve object. 0.9.0
love.math.newRandomGenerator Creates a new RandomGenerator object. 0.9.0
love.math.noise Generates a Simplex noise value in 1-4 dimensions. 0.9.0
love.math.random Get uniformly distributed pseudo-random number 0.9.0
love.math.randomNormal Get a normally distributed pseudo random number. 0.9.0
love.math.setRandomSeed Sets the seed of the random number generator. 0.9.0
love.math.triangulate Decomposes a simple polygon into triangles. 0.9.0


CompressedDataFormat Compressed data formats. 0.10.0

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