Aggregate Functions

The following functions (also called aggregate functions) can be used with the GROUP BY clause:

Title Description
Stored Aggregate Functions Custom aggregate functions.
AVG Returns the average value.
BIT_AND Bitwise AND.
BIT_OR Bitwise OR.
BIT_XOR Bitwise XOR.
COUNT Returns count of non-null values.
COUNT DISTINCT Returns count of number of different non-NULL values.
GROUP_CONCAT Returns string with concatenated values from a group.
MAX Returns the maximum value.
MIN Returns the minimum value.
STD Population standard deviation.
STDDEV Population standard deviation.
STDDEV_POP Returns the population standard deviation.
STDDEV_SAMP Standard deviation.
SUM Sum total.
VARIANCE Population standard variance.
VAR_POP Population standard variance.
VAR_SAMP Returns the sample variance.
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