Information about the Aria storage engine. From MariaDB 10.4, system tables use the Aria storage engine.

Title Description
Aria Storage Engine The Aria storage engine is compiled-in by default and is considered as an upgrade to MyISAM.
Aria Clients and Utilities Clients and utilities for working with Aria tables
Aria FAQ Frequently-asked questions about the Aria storage engine.
Aria Storage Formats Table storage formats in Aria - PAGE, FIXED and DYNAMIC
Aria Status Variables Aria-related server status variables.
Aria System Variables Aria-related system variables.
Aria Group Commit Aria group commits for speeding up multi-user inserts
Benchmarking Aria Aria benchmarks
Aria Two-step Deadlock Detection How Aria detects and deals with deadlocks
Aria Encryption Overview Data-at-rest encryption for user-created tables and internal on-disk tempor...
The Aria Name How Aria got its name.
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