Binary Log

The binary log contains a record of all changes to the databases, both data and structure. It consists of a set of binary log files and an index.

It is necessary for replication, and can also be used to restore data after a backup.

Title Description
Overview of the Binary Log The binary log contains a record of all changes to the databases
Activating the Binary Log Activating the Binary Log.
Using and Maintaining the Binary Log Using and maintaining the binary log.
Binary Log Formats The three binary logging formats.
Binary Logging of Stored Routines Stored routines require extra consideration when binary logging.
SHOW BINARY LOGS SHOW BINARY LOGS lists all binary logs on the server.
PURGE BINARY LOGS PURGE BINARY LOGS removes all binary logs from the server, prior to the provided date or log file.
SHOW BINLOG EVENTS Show events in the binary log
SHOW MASTER STATUS Status information about the binary log.
Binlog Event Checksums Including a checksum in binlog events
Binlog Event Checksum Interoperability Replicating between servers with differing binlog checksum availability
Group Commit for the Binary Log Optimization when the server is run with innodb_flush_logs_at_trx_commit or sync_binlog.
mysqlbinlog mysqlbinlog utility for processing binary log files
Transaction Coordinator Log The transaction coordinator log (tc_log) is used to coordinate transactions...
Encrypting Binary Logs Data-at-rest encryption for binary logs and relay logs.
Flashback Rollback instances/databases/tables to an old snapshot
Relay Log Event log created by the slave from the master binary log
Replication and Binary Log System Variables Replication and binary log system variables.
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