Delayed Insert Connection Thread States

This article documents thread states that are related to the connection thread that processes INSERT DELAYED statements.

These correspond to the STATE values listed by the SHOW PROCESSLIST statement or in the Information Schema PROCESSLIST Table as well as the PROCESSLIST_STATE value listed in the Performance Schema threads Table.

Value Description
allocating local table Preparing to allocate rows to the delayed-insert handler thread. Follows from the got handler lock state.
Creating delayed handler Creating a handler for the delayed-inserts.
got handler lock Lock to access the delayed-insert handler thread has been received. Follows from the waiting for handler lock state and before the allocating local table state.
got old table The initialization phase is over. Follows from the waiting for handler open state.
storing row into queue Adding new row to the list of rows to be inserted by the delayed-insert handler thread.
waiting for delay_list Initializing (trying to find the delayed-insert handler thread).
waiting for handler insert Waiting for new inserts, as all inserts have been processed.
waiting for handler lock Waiting for delayed insert-handler lock to access the delayed-insert handler thread.
waiting for handler open Waiting for the delayed-insert handler thread to initialize. Follows from the Creating delayed handler state and before the got old table state.
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