Server Locale

The lc_time_names server system variable sets the language used by the date and time functions DAYNAME(), MONTHNAME() and DATE_FORMAT().

The list of the locales supported by the current MariaDB installation can be obtained via the LOCALES plugin, available since MariaDB 10.0.4.

MariaDB supports the following locale values:

Locale Language Country
ar_AE Arabic United Arab Emirates
ar_BH Arabic Bahrain
ar_DZ Arabic Algeria
ar_EG Arabic Egypt
ar_IN Arabic India
ar_IQ Arabic Iraq
ar_JO Arabic Jordan
ar_KW Arabic Kuwait
ar_LB Arabic Lebanon
ar_LY Arabic Libya
ar_MA Arabic Morocco
ar_OM Arabic Oman
ar_QA Arabic Qatar
ar_SA Arabic Saudi Arabia
ar_SD Arabic Sudan
ar_SY Arabic Syria
ar_TN Arabic Tunisia
ar_YE Arabic Yemen
be_BY Belarusian Belarus
bg_BG Bulgarian Bulgaria
ca_ES Catalan Spain
cs_CZ Czech Czech Republic
da_DK Danish Denmark
de_AT German Austria
de_BE German Belgium
de_CH German Switzerland
de_DE German Germany
de_LU German Luxembourg
en_AU English Australia
en_CA English Canada
en_GB English United Kingdom
en_IN English India
en_NZ English New Zealand
en_PH English Philippines
en_US English United States
en_ZA English South Africa
en_ZW English Zimbabwe
es_AR Spanish Argentina
es_BO Spanish Bolivia
es_CL Spanish Chile
es_CO Spanish Columbia
es_CR Spanish Costa Rica
es_DO Spanish Dominican Republic
es_EC Spanish Ecuador
es_ES Spanish Spain
es_GT Spanish Guatemala
es_HN Spanish Honduras
es_MX Spanish Mexico
es_NI Spanish Nicaragua
es_PA Spanish Panama
es_PE Spanish Peru
es_PR Spanish Puerto Rico
es_PY Spanish Paraguay
es_SV Spanish El Salvador
es_US Spanish United States
es_UY Spanish Uruguay
es_VE Spanish Venezuela
et_EE Estonian Estonia
eu_ES Basque Basque
fi_FI Finnish Finland
fo_FO Faroese Faroe Islands
fr_BE French Belgium
fr_CA French Canada
fr_CH French Switzerland
fr_FR French France
fr_LU French Luxembourg
gl_ES Galician Spain
gu_IN Gujarati India
he_IL Hebrew Israel
hi_IN Hindi India
hr_HR Croatian Croatia
hu_HU Hungarian Hungary
id_ID Indonesian Indonesia
is_IS Icelandic Iceland
it_CH Italian Switzerland
it_IT Italian Italy
ja_JP Japanese Japan
ko_KR Korean Republic of Korea
lt_LT Lithuanian Lithuania
lv_LV Latvian Latvia
mk_MK Macedonian FYROM
mn_MN Mongolia Mongolian
ms_MY Malay Malaysia
nb_NO Norwegian(Bokmål) Norway
nl_BE Dutch Belgium
nl_NL Dutch The Netherlands
no_NO Norwegian Norway
pl_PL Polish Poland
pt_BR Portugese Brazil
pt_PT Portugese Portugal
rm_CH Romansh Switzerland
ro_RO Romanian Romania
ru_RU Russian Russia
ru_UA Russian Ukraine
sk_SK Slovak Slovakia
sl_SI Slovenian Slovenia
sq_AL Albanian Albania
sr_YU Serbian Yugoslavia
sv_FI Swedish Finland
sv_SE Swedish Sweden
ta_IN Tamil India
te_IN Telugu India
th_TH Thai Thailand
tr_TR Turkish Turkey
uk_UA Ukrainian Ukraine
ur_PK Urdu Pakistan
vi_VN Vietnamese Viet Nam
zh_CN Chinese China
zh_HK Chinese Hong Kong
zh_TW Chinese Taiwan Province of China


Setting the lc_time_names and lc_messages variables to localize the units of date and time, and the server error messages.

SELECT DAYNAME('2013-04-01'), MONTHNAME('2013-04-01');
| DAYNAME('2013-04-01') | MONTHNAME('2013-04-01') |
| Monday                | April                   |

SET lc_time_names = 'fr_CA';

SELECT DAYNAME('2013-04-01'), MONTHNAME('2013-04-01');
| DAYNAME('2013-04-01') | MONTHNAME('2013-04-01') |
| lundi                 | avril                   |

SELECT blah;
ERROR 1054 (42S22): Unknown column 'blah' in 'field' list'

SET lc_messages = 'nl_NL';

SELECT blah;
ERROR 1054 (42S22): Onbekende kolom 'blah' in field list
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