Server Monitoring & Logs

MariaDB can keep a number of log files, including the error log, the binary log, the general query log and the slow query log.

Title Description
Overview of MariaDB Logs What to log and what not to log
Error Log Record of critical errors that occurred during the server's operation.
Setting the Language for Error Messages Specifying the language for the server error messages.
General Query Log Log of every SQL query received from a client, as well as connects/disconnects
Slow Query Log Logging slow queries
Rotating Logs on Unix and Linux Rotating logs on Unix and Linux with logrotate.
Binary Log Contains a record of all changes to the databases, both data and structure
InnoDB Redo Log XtraDB/InnoDB Redo Log.
InnoDB Undo Log InnoDB Undo log.
MyISAM Log Records all changes to MyISAM tables
Transaction Coordinator Log The transaction coordinator log (tc_log) is used to coordinate transactions...
SQL Error Log Plugin Records SQL-level errors to a log file.
Writing Logs Into Tables The general query log and the slow query log can be written into system tables
Performance Schema Monitoring server performance.
MariaDB Audit Plugin Logging user activity with the MariaDB Audit Plugin.
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