Table Statements

Articles about creating, modifying, and maintaining tables in MariaDB.

Title Description
ALTER This category is for documentation on the various ALTER statements.
ANALYZE TABLE Store key distributions for a table.
CHECK TABLE Check table for errors.
CHECK VIEW Check whether the view algorithm is correct.
CHECKSUM TABLE Report a table checksum.
CREATE TABLE Creates a new table.
DELETE Delete rows from one or more tables.
DROP TABLE Removes definition and data from one or more tables.
Installing System Tables (mysql_install_db) Using mysql_install_db to create the system tables in the 'mysql' database directory
mysqlcheck Tool for checking, repairing, analyzing and optimizing tables.
mysql_upgrade Update to the latest version.
OPTIMIZE TABLE Reclaim unused space and defragment data.
RENAME TABLE Change a table's name.
REPAIR TABLE Rapairs a table, if the storage engine supports this statement.
REPAIR VIEW Fix view if the algorithms are swapped.
REPLACE Equivalent to DELETE + INSERT, based on UNIQUE indexes.
SHOW COLUMNS Column information.
SHOW CREATE TABLE Shows the CREATE TABLE statement that created the table.
SHOW INDEX Information about table indexes
UPDATE Modify rows in one or more tables.
Obsolete Table Commands Table commands that have been removed from MariaDB
IGNORE Suppress errors while trying to violate a UNIQUE constraint.
Temporal Data Tables Temporal tables record the history of all changes to table data, applicatio...
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